The Lloydbrary – Visit 166

An excursion through dreampop and shoegaze

Glaze – Moody
Soft Blue Shimmer – Happier than Mitsuru
Samasi – Not the time
Luby Sparks – Somewhere
Shady Bug – Make it up
Pale Air – Enthusiastic lunatic
The Cherry Wave – Superdruid
Wurve – Memory bleach
Halcyon Days – Four walls
Sulk – Drifting
Superdrone – Freedom
Lost Echoes – All my heart
The Stargazer Lillies – Foreverless
Kindling – Galaxies
Lightfoils – This time is up

Blushing – So Many

We have to admit we may have a little bit of a musical crush at the moment.

Starting dream pop, this beauty explodes into noise using the classic post rock quiet-loud dynamic.

The video adds some additional layers of intrigue to proceedings #LloydbraryLikes