Doctor Who – classic series marathon underway

Twitch TV did a run of all the classic Doctor Who episodes still in existence last year, and are repeating the process this year here.

We’re huge fans here at the Lloydbrary, and enjoy the opportunity to go through the whole run, perhaps picking up on episodes we might not consider for a rewatch if it was from the DVD collection, and be surprised and delighted all over again.

Doctor Who – Resolution

We’ve had a very mixed view of series 11 of Doctor Who here at the Lloydbrary.

First off, we don’t get even numbered Doctors for some reason (Capaldi being #1 of the new regeneration cycle in our scheme of things). Not Troughton. Not Bakers T and C. Not even Tennant (42 – The Last of the Timelords withstanding). More on the various reasons behind this some other time, but enough said, we were wary of the oncoming even numbered Doctor.

We knew it’d be different from the very nature of the pre/post regeneration filming at the end of Twice Upon a Time. This followed through into The Woman Who Fell To Earth and The Ghost Monument. After that it fell away for us though. Not for the want of the Doctor not being portrayed excellently. Not for the multiple companions (Worked fine for the majority of season 19, and the current lot don’t have Adric to contend with). No, just felt like the plots and concepts didn’t work for us. Maybe we’re just used to the old style historicals (Enjoying the audio adaptation of Marco Polo at the moment), but whilst conceptually the idea of re-introducing historicals, even with added aliens, was conceptually appreciated we never felt it.

Anyhoo, looking to Resolution, we felt it had a few points to make, not least among these being that it was moved from Christmas Day to New Years Day.

Overall, enjoyed this. Lin was in that category of characters like Sally Sparrow that I would have loved to have become a companion. Something of a reset on Daleks is good (Between Remembrance of the Daleks, the Time War, Victory of the Daleks and Asylum of the Daleks, I had no idea what was going on timeline wise). SO, going back to the approach of Dalek, showing how devastating a single Dalek can be, makes sense, builds tension and a sense of urgency, makes the villain the serious threat they are described as.

The outer shell redesign I can take or leave; looks different for sure, not sure it’s an improvement. Much like the Doctor’s sonic though, the home made Sheffield steel version makes sense in the context of the story, and fits with the newly established focus on Sheffield.

Not so subtle dig at Brexit with UNIT not being funded anymore in UK. Be interested to see if this is mentioned at all in the Big Finish UNIT stories, which are rather good romps of a listen.

So, an overall sense that the world is OK at the start of 2019, and we look forwards to the next series in 2020.