The Lloydbrary – Visit 168

Visit 168 sees us go through indie rock, shoegaze, psychedelic rock, cover versions and more

Galaxie 500 – Cheese and onions
Mojave 3 – Love songs on the radio
Girlatones – Get to the end
Dogeyed – Waves
Pet Fox – Rare occasion
Bat Bike – Riding lonely
Soccer Mommy – Circle the drain
Joel Jerome – There’s nothing here to bother you anymore
Bananagun – Out of reach
Sunfruits – Above the clouds
Canterbury Fair – Song on a May morning
Osmosis – Scorpio rising
The Young Sinclairs – Truth can’t be tried
Sunflowers – Dreamweaver
The Courettes – Dynamite
Husker Du – Eight miles high
Ride – Chelsea girl

Boney M – Daddy cool (8 bit remake)

Once in a while I hear a record and want to do a cover version.

This helps me to understand the inner workings of the song in question, what are the key parts, what extras little bits there are, and so on

I usually go for 8 bit style covers, as that simplifies the process and brings out the key melodies and ideas – the Cure for example sound superb in 8 bit style.

Heard Boney M‘s Daddy Cool whilst out and about the other day and it really stuck, so here’s the remake