The Lloydbrary – Visit 170

Some lush ambient along with relaxing piano and modern classical in this visit.

Michael A Muller – Glyph II (Julia Kent rework)
Joep Beving – Klagfall (Piano version)
Harold Budd & Brian Eno – Steal away
Ell Kendal – Marlen
Anton Belov – Concomitance
Hrishikesh Kirway – Watergate looms
Ambient Endeavours ft. Elskavon – Stop / motion
Erland Cooper – Shalder
From Overseas – A bath of clouds and flowers
Elskavon – Soft night
Christopher Willits – Pacific 1
Deru – 1979
Plumbline & Roger Eno – Geometry
Brian Eno – Under the moon

The Lloydbrary – Visit 164

An ambient excursion this visit

Ghost and Tape – Anenome
Ian Hagwood & Wil Bolton – Transprencies
Jogging House – Traverse
Robert Fripp & Brian Eno – An index of metals III
Proem – Awake at 4 A.M.
William Basinski – Melancholia VIII
Jodie Lowther – Guests
Hannu Karjalainen – Love is a lack lion
Cities and Memory – Eleven million tonnes of steam (West 46th Street steam pipes)
Cannes and Pillars – Girls of sorrow
Alvo Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto – Trioon I
Olaf Arnalds – Hands, be still
Burial – State forest
Emptywhale – A lack of warning signs may be a sign itself

The Lloydbrary – Visit 160


Ambient, hauntology and IDM in this visit

Vanessa Wagner – Etude no. 5
Mark Peters – Shaley Brow (Ambient version)
Robert Fripp and Brian Eno – Wind on wind
William Basinski – Melancholia III
Hand – Poem for Tanja
The Heartwood Institute – Welcome
Vic Mars – Science:Chemistry
Klaus Morlock – Temple assembley
Pulselovers – Autumn arrives again
Boards of Canada – XYZ
Polygon Window – Polygon window
Arovane – Yua:e
Proem – Blacker the berry
Isan – Perlon
Suumhow – West bend

The Lloydbrary – Visit 153

Visit 153 finds us starting off gently with some ambient before slowly evolving to some acid

Vince Pope – A new home
Hand – Song for Melloncollie
Cialyn – Circadian aurora
Knowsum – Act 02: Dance of the ants
Slom – 5:30 am
Prgmat – Deep explorations
Mujo – Tomorrow
Wun Two- Treasure island
Ill Sugi – Scarecrow
Krooks – Catching wreck
Mowgz – Old skool
Beastie Boys – 33% god
Four Tet – Teenage birdsong
John Paul Jones – 4 minute warning
Orbital – Impact USA (The Earth is burning: Diversion)
Granary 12 – Way we do
Field Theory – Acid party (Gina Breeze remix)
Posthuman – Airwave uranium

The Lloydbrary – Visit 148

Ambient to post punk, via post rock, electronics, indie rock and more

Howlround – The winter dream of Novel’s Oak
Drew Mulholland – Delian stone
Mogwai – Cody
Low – Point of disgust
Jospehine Wiggs – We fall
Dead Arm – Living in a bell
ShitKid – Lost in a DreamWorld
Soccer Mommy – Cool
Pavement – Major leagues
Super Furry Animals – Hometown unicorn
Leopard Skull – Breakfast
Doug Tuttle – Did you need someone
Pet Fox – Play fair
Saint Estrela – Grooow up
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Heart in your heartbreak
N0v3l – Division
Deaf – Shards
Gonzo – The escalator