The Lloydbrary – Visit 204 – Rendlesham Revisited

Southfacing – Dunked
Mogwai – He loved trees
Critobal Tapia de Veer – Beneath the remain
Jodie Lowther – The old house
Dominique Grimaud – The day you can love
Prefuse 73 – Unbeaten Tuesdays
The Heartwood Institute – Beneath the city streets
Hawksmoor – Methods of dreaming
Brian Eno – Alternative 3
Repeated Viewing – Groundswell
The Night Monitor – Ripperston farm
Listening Center – RA 14h 50m 0s Dec +46 0′ 0”
Nax – Espacio cuantico
Jon Brookes – Hydrologic
Polypores – Global hypercolour
The Home Current – Sharing senses still (Heron & Crane’s Oh, Whistle remix)
Aural Design – Light and movement
Daniel Avery – Fuzzwar
Cialyn – Off season
Faex Optim – The alchemist

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