The Lloydbrary – Visit 200 – Liminal Spaces

2020 has a sense of peculiar dislocation, so for visit 200 we’ve attempted to capture something of that

Daniel Avery – Katana
Jodie Lowther – Strange owl
Warren Ellis – Westbound
Shinichi Atobe – Ship scope
Aural Design – Mechanical devices
Prefuse 73 – Soaked city and lonely country
Tycho – Send and receive
Cialyn – The two lights of time
Faex Optim – Red forest drive
CLD.RAN – ‘məˈlɑːki
Correlations – Hot pots 6
Jon Brooks – Barrier reef
Dominique Grimaud – Tides
The Field – No no (John Tejada mix)
Glok – Cloud cover (Andrew Weatherall remix)
Daniel Avery – Lone swordsman
Goldie – Inner city life (Burial remix)

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