The Lloydbrary – Visit 174 – Divergent Tangents

A relaxing mix of ambient and modern classical for your Sunday morning

Penelope Trappes – Consort
Boris Salchow – Overlapping parallels
Olaf Arnalds & Nils Frahm – 01/01/2017
Poppy Ackroyd – Resolve
Hannu Karjalainen – A handful of dust is a desert
Hideo Nakasako – DSC8268
Roger Eno & Brian Eno – Celeste
輕描淡寫 小圈子 – 03 我永远不会忘记你
Larum – Tuolumne Grove
We Dream of Eden – 7 times 7
Ghost and Tape – Seabird
Ian Hagwood & Wil Bolton – Humanity
Ocoeur – Current
Jonathon Fitoussi – Immersion II

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