The Lloydbrary – Visit 146

Visit 146 starts off ambient, works through some indie rock and shoegaze, and ends up somewhere all together more acid and siren filled

Marty Hicks – Alnum hymn 97
bvdub – Ember 2 – Your idea
Larum- And not until
Alex Somers – Hours, days, months
The Hardy Tree – In the museum
Mark Peters – May mill (Ulrich Schnauss remix)
Blushing – Dream merchants
Film School – Influencer
Beach Towels – Where I’m going I don’t know
Dead Arm – It’s not as if
DEHD – Lucky
Patio – Split
Omni – I don’t dance
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein – Walking through the upside down
The Chemical Brothers -Gravity drops
Shun – Programmed pattern
Mitch Wade Cole – Good advice
Chris Moss Acid – Machine heavy

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