The Lloydbrary – Beats 4 daze

We’ve been listening to quite a lot of lo fi instrumental hip hop recently. Some of this has got into the Lloydbrary podcast mixes, but there’s lots more that’s worth listening that just doesn’t fit the flow of those shows.

As such, we’ve put together a mix of some of the tracks and artists we’re digging at the moment. Hope you enjoy.


Mr Kafer – Like smoke
Idealism – Ikigai
Noli – Ypsilon
Yasu Pacino ft. Budamunk – Colors
Flitz & Suppe x Slim Agenda – Walk damn slow
Hooba Booba – Walkman
DSC – Science
Fortnight – Lotion
Harry Crotch – Brunch
The Cancel & DJ Shon – Butterfly
CrabbMan – Petrichor
The Cancel – Floating
csnts – Deep vibe
Boora & Mr Robberhood – The day will come
Hydrogenii – Like that
El Jazzy Chavo – Liquid instrumentalism
Nuttkase – Sovient village
Joe Corfield – Rhymes & life
SicknessMP – Smooth sunrise
Jazz Spastiks & Rebels To The Grain – Tapes (instrumental)
Ruff T – 93 station

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