The Lloydbrary – Visit 161

Hip hop, funk, library music and more


Beatmaschine – Underground’s my style
Hydrogenii – Alright
Nuttkase – D’boom93
Godfather Don – Static
Gang Starr – Bad name
O.C. – Time’s up
MC Serch – Back to the grill
Brand Nubian – Punks jump up to get beat down
Claudio Tallino – M Spell
Jacky Giordano – Blue circuit
Filippo Trecca – Col fiato in gola
Ken Aldin – Dark alley
Thundercat – Them changes
Eddie Hazel – Frantic moment
Ebony Steel Band – The model
Leon Dinero – If you ask me
Johnny Hawksworth – Sandy beach
Alan Parker & John Cameron – Punch bowl
Alessandro Alessandroni – Afro discoteca
Sidiku Buari – African hustle

The Lloydbrary – Visit 160


Ambient, hauntology and IDM in this visit

Vanessa Wagner – Etude no. 5
Mark Peters – Shaley Brow (Ambient version)
Robert Fripp and Brian Eno – Wind on wind
William Basinski – Melancholia III
Hand – Poem for Tanja
The Heartwood Institute – Welcome
Vic Mars – Science:Chemistry
Klaus Morlock – Temple assembley
Pulselovers – Autumn arrives again
Boards of Canada – XYZ
Polygon Window – Polygon window
Arovane – Yua:e
Proem – Blacker the berry
Isan – Perlon
Suumhow – West bend