The Lloydbrary – Visit 216 – Doomsday

R.I.P. MF Doom

MF Doom – Beef rapp
Viktor Vaughn – The drop
Madvillain – Accordian
Your Old Droog ft. Mach Hommy, MF Doom – BDE
The Herbaliser ft. MF Doom – It ain’t nuttin’
De La Soul ft. MF Doom – Rock Co.Kane Flow
MF Doom & Omegah Red ft. RZA – Books of war
Wilma Archer ft. MF Doom – Last sniff
Doomstarks – Lively hood
MF Doom – Hey!
MF Doom – Dragon’s blood
3rd Bass – The gas face
K.M.D. – Peachfuzz
Count Bass D ft. MF Doom – Make a buck
Prince Paul ft. Chubb Rock, Wordsworth and MF Doom – Chubb Rock Can You Please Pay Paul the $2200 You Owe Him (People, Places and Things)
Dangerdoom ft. Talib K – Old skool
Nehrviandoom ft. MF Doom – Great things
Shape of Broad Minds ft. MF Doom – Let’s go (Space boogie)
MF Doom – That’s that

The LLoydbrary – Visit 215 – Just Like Christmas

Christmas selections with a Lloydbrary twist

Lunar Vacation – Last Christmas
Low – Just like Christmas
Arthur Lyman – Christmas song
Ruth Welcome – Silver bells
Vince Guaraldi Trio – Christmas time is here (vocal)
Ramsey Lewis Trio – God rest ye merry gentlemen
Columbia Cradle Club – Jingle bells
Ferrante & Teicher – Sleigh ride
The Three Suns – I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus
Lionel Hampton – White Christmas
Ella Fitzgerald – Winter wonderland
Otis Redding – Merry Christmas baby
Sharon Jones and the Dap Tones – Funky little drummer boy
James Brown – Soulful Christmas
The Marquees – Santa done gone hip
Lon Chaney – Yule tide jerk
The Ventures – Rudolph the red nosed reindeer
The Waitresses – Christmas wrapping
Weezer – We wish you a happy Christmas

The Lloydbrary – Visit 214 – The Rorschach Method

Inadrm – It never ends
Saccades – Like everyday (The KVB Late Night remix)
The Avalanches ft. Leon Bridges – Interstellar love
Barbara & Ernie – Play with fire
Andy Bell – Cherry cola
R Beny – Alone in the pavillion
Penelope Trappes – Eel drip
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein – Walkin in Dawkins
Ruth Anderson – Pregnant deam
Field Lines Cartographer – Spiral colony
Disasterpeace – Theme (It Follows)
Molecular – The computer
Enei – Sinking VIP
The Cool Greenhouse – Life advice
My Raining Stars – Pedestrian
Haus Plants – Hazy
Soft Blue Shimmer – Musubi
Kimmy Drake – I’ll be true

The Lloydbrary – Visit 213 – Memory Loops

Dry Cleaning – Scratchcard lanyard
I Like Trains – Dig in
Mush – Snag
Sweeping Promises – Out again
Lithics – Beat fall
Shopping – Initiative
Public Practice – Cities
The Damned – Life goes on
Gang of Four – In the ditch
Bench Press – Respite
Clustersun – Desert daze
Peel – Memory loops
Pixies – I bleed
White Flowers – Within a dream
Bloody/Bath – Washed out
Topographies – Mirror
Bambara – Serafina

The Lloydbrary – Visit 212 – Ruff and Ready

Thugwidow – South East London fantasy
Pete Cannon & Tim Reaper – You’re the one
Coco Bryce – Smoke screen 80
Msymiakos & Tim Reaper – Placidity
FFF – Cut bwoy
Earl Grey x Dead Man’s Chest – Fugitive version
Enjoy – Don’t you know
4am Kru – We run things
Sully – Poison
Harmony – Cali sound
Myth – Raveheart
DJ Dubplate – Original rubadubstyle
Altern 8 – Hard crew (Reinst8 mix)

The Lloydbrary – Visit 211 – Funky Precedent

We got our groove on this visit

Janko Nilovic and the Soul Surfers – Interlude
Ikebe Shakedown – See you on the other side
King Errisson – The Magic Man
Pointer Sisters – Yes we can can (Professor Shorthair remix)
Afrique – House of the rising funk
Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio – Fo sho
The Du Rites – Can’t buy groove
Nautilus – Root down (Instrumental)
Eddie Warner – Shut up
Shelley Mack Band – Ancient artifacts
Dennis Coffey – Theme from Enter The Dragon
Lowell Fulson – Tramp
Jungle Fire – Together
Manu Dingbango – African battle
Ill Boogs – Ill conga
ATA Records – Wigged out
45 Brothers Next Level
Badder Than Evil – Hot wheels (The Chase)

The Lloydbrary – Visit 210 – An Italian Job

Groovy, funky soundtrack music from the Italian maestros

Luis Bacalov – La pecora Nera
Nico FIdenco – Supercolpo da 7 milardi (Gaby Shake)
Armando Trovajoli – Il Profeta Party Mood
Franceso De Masi, I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni & Franco De Gemini – Pepita’s twist no. 2
Stefano Torossi & Sandro Brugnolini – Sweet beat
Ennio Morricone – Gli intoccabili
Piero Umliani – Topless party
Armando Trovajoli – Incontro alla balera
Roberto Pregadio – Erika, seq. 18
Stelvio Cipriani – Bambole di droga
Guido De Angelis, Maurizo De Angelis – Car chase ay Margellina Pt. 1
Franco Micalizzi – La banda del gobbo (seq 4)
Francesco De Masi – The blue boat
Gianni Ferrio – Step by step
Gino Perugi – Polizia selvaggia (Il tema)
Ennio Morricone – Citta violente (Titoli)
Guido & Maurizo de Angelis – New Special Squad
Bixio, Frizzi, Tempera – Roma d’altra faccia della violenzze
Franco Micalizzi – Sequenza
Franco Campanino – Inseguimento, pt. 1

The Lloydbrary – Visit 209- Promises of what tomorrow brings

Oasis – Let’s all make believe
Supergrass – Late in the day
Paul Weller – Hung up
The Longpigs – On and on
The Verve – History
Echo and the Bunnymen – Nothing lasts forever
Teenage Fanclub – Going places
Blur – This is a low
Menswear – Being brave
Ash – There’s a star
Shed Seven – The heroes
Radiohead – High and dry
Mansun – Wide open space
Suede – Stay together (Edit)

The Lloydbrary – Visit 208 – Midnight Frequencies

Bert H and Silence Groove – Rain remains
Monrroe ft. Sydney – As I fall
Surreal – Blossom
Mystific – Anymore
Degs ft. Pola & Bryson – Sleepless (Bladerunner version)
Sevin – Dun dun
Cutworx – Fallen walls
Mindmapper & Silvahfonk – Ozone
Sustance – Blood money
Felix Raymon & Ophobot – Hollow
GEST – Been thru
Inflamers – Earsplittin
Serum & Kesra – Blaze heat
Ed:it – Selecta dub
Jonathan Thomas – A vibe

The Lloydbrary – Visit 207 – I’ll See You Around

RIP James Broad

Silver Sun – Sharks
Big Star – September gurls
Cheap Trick – Southern girls
The Beach Boys – California girls
The Only Ones – Another girl, another planet
XTC – Stupidly happy
Superdrag – Sucked out
Teenage Fanclub – Sparky’s dream
Silver Sun – Bubblegum
The Knack – My Sharona
Buzzcocks – Everybody’s happy nowadays
The Cars – Just what I needed
Fountains of Wayne – Stacey’s mom
Weezer – Photograph
Ash – Shining light
Electric Light Orchestra – All over the world
Silver Sun – I’ll see you around